BuckStars App

An Exploration In Process

Agency: Nash Interactive LLC

Client: Self

Skills: Strategy, Storyboard, Journey Map, Wireframe, UI Design, iOS

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Marvell


BuckStars App is an iOS App that helps Starbucks customers pre-purchase their coffee. It solves this problem by allowing customers to pay from their phone and fulfill their order at a Starbucks of their choice. My role was a UX designer and this project was self-started.


I examined check-out systems Taco Bell, Domino’s and OLO in order to find opportunities for innovation. The analysis gave me the momentum I needed to come up with the design goals. For this app to be successful these features were crucial: menu, ordering, checkout, payment processing, in store fulfillment and order processing.

Once the features had been defined, I created the persona. This persona served as the template for the user journey and storyboard.

After I gained an understanding of the user’s needs, I could move forward to the design process.

Buckstars App from Nathan Nash


At a high level, I created a sitemap, this allowed me to identify user flows for later use in testing. It also helped me understand the unique interactions between each screen. Next, I designed the wireframes in Sketch. These wireframes helped keep the UI design on task. By having 20% of the work done, all that was left is to “add a splash of color”.

For the UI design I went with a modern and dark aesthetic. It matches StarBucks own branding; however the financial tracking screen deviates a bit.

Finally, with the bulk of the discovery and design phase done I moved on to the prototype. Using MarvelApp (a tool similar to InVision) I put together the screens so that I could test two key flows. The ordering system, and the finance tracking.


User research allows you to make informed design decisions. When working alone it is easy to second guess your own aesthetic. Relying on a second set of eyes is crucial.

Most surprising, was when a tech-savvy but non-designer tester made a great comment about the fonts. Originally they were too sharp and caused him some eye strain. I switched to a humanist font with softer edges.

Drafting a storyboard was perhaps the most unique challenge. This isn’t something I do a lot of but it was a fun deliverable to create. My favorite part of the design process was building the prototype. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your designs come to life.