Snackable Social Media

Agency: Mirum

Client: Jr.NBA

Skills: UX Design, Wireframe, Responsive web design

Software: Sketch


Jr.NBA is a website that offers bite-sized social media and educates tweens about basketball. It accomplishes this by offering skills and drills, statistics, rules of the game, trivia and information about players and teams. My role was UX designer and I collaborated with a UI Designer and a Project Manager.


At the start of the design process, I did a competitive analysis. This analysis, gave insight into how the competition designed tile based websites. These insights, laid the foundation upon which the interaction design would be built.

Jr NBA Desktop from Nathan Nash


After researching tile based sites, I created low fidelity wireframes using Sketch. These wireframes were used as a discussion piece, and were iterated on after each bi-weekly client meeting. These discussions resulted in a novel navigation pattern. A tag cloud, inside of a drawer that filtered the tile based content. Since our target demographic was pre-teens we knew that they would explore and discover. And our navigation pattern allowed just that.

Jr.NBA Mobile Site from Nathan Nash


Designing a site for a younger audience is a freeing and valuable experience.

The biggest challenge? Our client was very hands on and a little demanding. I had to prepare deliverables at the end of each day. This involved a lot of busy work, creating PDFs from flat images. However, this close collaboration allowed the project to become successful.

Overall, I most enjoyed the competitive analysis phase. I saw what our competition was doing and understood how to do it better. These insights really formed my design choices. Creating the tag based navigation was the most interesting challenge for me.