Lymber Fitness

Hasslefree Gym Classes

Agency: Folklore Digital

Client: Lymber Fitness

Skills: Information Architecture, Wireframes

Software: Sketch

Summary is a landing page promotes the Lymber fitness service and advertises their iOS app. It accomplishes this by showcasing the partnership program, locations and mission statement as well as providing a link to the iTunes App Store.


I did a competitive audit in order to create a fresh and unique designs. Primarily focusing on the landing page, partner page and signup form.


I created wireframes and a sitemap in Sketch to show the site’s hierarchy and iterate on designs based on client feedback. These wireframes were then handed off to our developer with light annotations.


Lymber Fitness Wireframes and Sitemap from Nathan Nash


Following a very lean process GetLymber was designed and developed in a very short timeframe. Working with Folklore Digital we exceeded our client’s expectations, and delivered on both speed and quality.