Minute Meetings

Track Time, Save Money

Agency: Nash Interactive LLC

Client: Thad Projects

Skills: Visual Design, Client Facing, Business Requirements, Rapid Prototyping

Software: Photoshop CC, MarvelApp


An entrepreneur approached me with a concept to design several screens for a new app. I translated pre-existing wireframes into hi-fidelity mockups and prototypes on-screen interactions.


When I met with the client for the first time we discussed the basics of the project such as scope, goals and expectations. Thad Projects requested a set of designs based on wireframes that they had already prepared. In order to establish the art direction I asked which apps/websites they liked the most. Their responses included apps such as mint and toggl.

The goal of the app is that it allows you to see how much time you and your team is spending in meetings. It integrates with your outlook/google calendar, downloads all the data, and takes all meetings you have with more than one person (2 or more). It takes those meetings and provides analysis, high-level graphs, and calculates the time being spent in those over a day, week, year, etc.


My role was to design seven screens that included; overview, search, trends, alerts, meeting details, export feedback and a specific meeting. When designing based on wireframes there is always a bit of an “abstraction,” between the wires and the final result. This approach allows me to retain creative freedom, while still respecting the functional requirements of a project.

Collaboration with the client was 100% remote. We would communicate over Slack to give/receive updates. However; when I needed more detailed feedback, I would send over a quick prototype made with MarvelApp. This method of communication worked out great as I was able to see his comments in context with the designs.


My client, Thad Projects, was very pleased with the prototype and mockups that were. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences working with me:

Nathan is great! He is incredibly organized and takes all the hard work out of reviewing his work. He went way above and beyond the task, created an incredibly simple prototype so I can review quickly, and was super prompt and clear in his communication. I'm definitely going to work with him again. - Thad Projects