Mobile Contact Form

Task-based micro interactions

Skills: User Research, Surveys, Persona, Preference Test, Prototyping

Software: Axure, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, InVision


The contact form is an integral touchpoint for converting sales in the transition between physical and digital. Using service design principles every touchpoint should seek to remove as much friction as possible to enhance the customer experience. My role was to research, design and test all UI development and on the project.


Since our facility didn’t have access to recruitment firms or usability labs I turned to the internet. Using the crowdsourced labor service Amazon Mechanical Turk I was able to distribute surveys to a panel representing the general population. This research method allowed me to generate enough information to create personas.

Everyone needs a car but in order to better understand our audience I created a set of personas. These personas represented segments of our target audience using a composite of data from both Google Analytics and user interviews. This exercise allowed me to see what commonalities and differences were shared among our user base.

User Personas from Nathan Nash


After reviewing the personas I choose to first improve the contact form. Many people across all demographics hate dealing with salespeople. Unfortunately as a technology vendor we don’t have control of that touchpoint. What we can do; however, is create a streamlined experience by way of improving the contact forms. One demographic in particular, reported that they “hated having to fill out so much information, and not getting a call back.”

Preference Test Example from Nathan Nash

After plotting a course I created three different concepts for a new contact form. In order to get a read on the consumers reaction I set up a preference test, waited for feedback and chose the winning design. The winning design was then turned into a hi-fidelity mockup in photoshop and prototyped in Invision.

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